F9 Distribution Baltic becomes Multibrackets distributor in Baltic States

F9 Distribution Baltic and Multibrackets Europe AB have agreed in cooperation for distribution of the Multibrackets products. This cooperation strengthens F9 product portfolio with Multibrackets TV and display stands and racks for projectors. F9 will deliver products via Finnish warehouse and delivers wide availability of products for Baltic customers.

"We want to supplement our product range with Multibrackets high-quality products and there is clearly a need and demand," says Laisvunas Butkus from F9 Distribution Baltic and continues: "Multibrackets products offer to resellers a very wide range of different racks designed for the different needs. These products are important for our large format display business, but also for so called presentation business."

Multibrackets offers a comprehensive range of consumer-oriented stands and special lineup for public sector or business sector installations.

"More and more consumers install the TV on the wall. In the public sector, and Digital Signage installations, almost 100% of the TVs are mounted either on the wall, ceiling or floor stand. Since F9 Distribution Baltic already offers LFD’s (large format displays), we can serve and offer reasonable solutions to retailers under one roof. Competition is fierce in the racks, so reliable and fast delivery and good customer service are important things to do and this is where F9 Distribution Baltic is strong," said Multibrackets Finnish representative Kim Salonen.

F9 Distribution Baltic starts distribution of Multibrackets products immediately.

More information:
Laisvunas Butkus, Director, F9 Distribution Baltic, +370 698 77754, laisvunas.butkus@f9baltic.com
Kim Salonen, Finnish representative, Multibrackets Suomi / NS Finland Ltd, +358 440 929990

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